Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Finally a good week

Well after 2 weeks of gains, this week I have managed to lose 5lbs, thats both the gains, plus an extra half pound for good measure. I've increased the exercise this week, as in my previous post. I'm really enjoying doing the bigest loser dvd, its hard work and very sweaty afterwards, I can barely speak whilst doing it, but have seen the workouts through to the end, so am mighty impressed, I have a sneaky feeling that this could have had a bearing on my loss this week. So I plan to continue. I am alternating the dvd with a wii fit workout, so i'm still using my body but not as intense and to give my body a chance to recover before the next one, fingers crossed i'll be the next stone down before we know it.


  1. well done, what a brill loss! Good on ya, might purchase the biggest loser dvd if it'll help me get a 5 pounder!! x

  2. Yay! That's fantastic news. Well done you. Getting sweaty pays off!