Saturday, 6 June 2009

Bad few days and a picture 1 month on

I've had a couple of very emotional days, family trouble and discussions with the modern matron at work as i'm still of sick. I've done my best to resist comfort eating and feel upto today I have done well.

Today was Lissy's school fair, she dragged me there kicking and screaming, ok, so not quite kicking and screaming but she still had to drag me there. They had a history fair on all about the village we live in, really interesting seeing how the village looked 50+ years ago. Because we went straight from gymnastics we didn't have lunch, although the fair was selling food, hotdogs, bacon rolls and chips, I ended up having a bacon roll and we shared a really small tray of chips so really wasn't to bad points wise, then Lis wanted some doughnuts from the stall, I ended up having 2, but then stopped because I thought if I don't this will go too far.

I've also taken another picture 1 month on, not sure if I can notice a big difference yet, but always good to have the comparison, the inches are coming off and so are the pounds.


  1. Defo a good idea to take pics, think I might do the same, even though its painful to see myself in my current form! Sorry to hear you've had a crappy week, hope things pick up for you, remember you can alwasy rant to us on here. btw, love the top you are wearing in newest pic xx

  2. Thankyou, I thought that pictures would help keep my motivation up especially when I start to see a noticable change. The top is from asda, bought it about a month ago, gotta keep a check on it though, at times it falls a bit low at the front, very light and comfortable to wear though x