Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Last post of my 20's

Its the last day of my 20's and my 30's begin tomorrow. Not quite sure how I feel, pleased to be moving into a new era of my life and sad to leave the old one behind.

At the moment nothing special is planned but that makes it the same as all the rest, didn't particularly do anything for my 18th and I was 9 mths pregnant for my 21st, so looks like another milestone birthday is going to pass me by again. So here's to the 20's, 10 years some good some not so good and here's to the 30's being all good.

At least it falls on weigh day so I can (hopefully, if somebody's bought one) have a slice of cake and not feel too guilty. Although I don't think anybodies bought me a birthday cake - my mother doesn't think of things like that - she only thinks and says I haven't bought you a cake because of your weight. Lets hope I feel better about it all tomorrow.


  1. Happy bday for tomorrow, you will love your 30's trust me. Dont get down about it. You never know you might have a surprise of two waiting for you tomorrow, have fun xx