Wednesday, 3 June 2009

1st stone gone for good

Weighed this morning and yippeee 2lbs off, thats 2 milestones today, 1st stone and 5% i'm over the moon. Went out this morning to take all my ID etc for my new job, no one was in so went for a coffee, the shop had loads of lovely food on offer, chocolate muffins, cheese, creamy stuff, I only had a mug of tea and read a magazine. I waited until I came home for lunch, must be the new me, 2 months ago I wouldn't have hesitated in having a chocolate muffin with a cuppa, not now.

I've also taken over running the summer hunnies challenge for the last few weeks and will help out with future challenges. Should be a challenge in itself but i'm hoping it'll keep me on the straight and narrow.