Sunday, 31 May 2009

Beautiful Weekend

Ok so the weather is fantastic, I've got all the washing done, just the ironing to do now, but that must earn some bp's even if I don't count them to use (not that I want to use them)! I had a SP this morning and I've hit my first stone, not getting too excited yet as I need to wait until official weigh in day but so long as I remain good, I should get it and hopefully then some. I've got a couple of hard weeks coming up, its my 30th birthday in about a weeks time and I know they'll be cake, I've got a hen weekend to Amsterdam, with lots of alcohol and the same weekend my daughters birthday with again, more cake. I'm going to have to be strong and keep going. But at the moment I don't care because, its such a beautiful weekend.


  1. Grats on you 'provisional' stone goal!! Hehe!

  2. thanks, lets just hope the scales say the same on wednesday x