Friday, 29 May 2009

My first not so good weigh in :(

So, i'd postponed my Wi from Wednesday to Thursday as in my previous post. I hadn't had a particularly bad week, totm finished, hadn't gone over my points, i'm still weighing all my food to ensure portion sizes are correct, and am pointing everything that passess my lips. Ok so i'm still not doing as much exercise as I want, I'm desperate to get back to the gym, but still can't get shoes on or trainers because of my fractured toe, grrrrrrrrrr. I can walk better so am trying to increase my walking although it gets uncomfortable quick as i'm wearing flip flops. Still can't do my Wii fit (although i keep trying).

Consequently this week I stayed the same. Ok so this isn't too bad, its not a gain which is on the plus side, but its not a loss either. I need 1.5 lbs to get my 1st stone and also my 5%. I'm going to work hard and try this week and fingers crossed that i'll manage them next week.

On a happier note, I got another job, yay. Never expected to be offered the post, but I must have done better in interview than I expected, should be starting that in about 4-5 weeks time, I will now be a Tissue Viability Nurse, woohoo.


  1. Congrats on the new job!!

    A 'sts' is good considering you've not been mobile because of the toe.

    The good-eating/pointing/weighing etc will catch up once you are full y mobile, and you'll be smiling again!!


  2. I was going to say exactly that!:D