Sunday, 27 September 2009

Well..............................what a week!

Wi this week - I actually lost a lb, a whole lb, despite having several sneaky peaks (i know they can be dangerous, but i find on a whole they actually help me) that said or looked like i might be staying the same. So to see a pound down i was chuffed to say the least.

Apart from that my week hasn't been so good. On Monday i had a really tickly cough, Tuesday my voice went crackly, Wednesday and Thursday i had no voice at all, Friday still no voice but runny nose, Saturday, runny nose and chesty cough but more of a voice and now Sunday chesty cough no runny nose but at least i have a voice now and people can understand me. I've increased my inhalers because the last thing i want is to go on steroids for them to increase my appetite - although i haven't got much of one at the moment to start with but i think because of this the loosing is becoming a bit of a struggle - i want to feel fit again because i'm really getting into going out on my bike - but can't really do much exercise (even light stuff on the Wii fit) whilst my chest is tight - so frustrating. Hopefully i'll feel better next week, so here's to Wednesday the next WI and see how i've done.

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