Friday, 21 August 2009

well this week.............and a confession

I lost 1lb, its a loss, I wish it had been a bit more but can't have everything at least its still a loss.

Well today at work, sabotage, thats the only word I can think for it. Everyone in the office is aware i'm trying to lose weight and they are all great, except every friday someone brings a cake or something, now the last few weeks i've resisted the temptation or when it was caramel slice, i too the smallest piece just to taste it but wouldn't have a whole slice, infact it was less than 1/3 slice. So today, I got back to the office after my home visits to find the clerical support had been to the shop and bought everyone a cadbury caramel, I have to say its the first bit of chocolate I've had in a long time and it tasted delicious, 6 whole squares of lovely chocolate and gooey caramel, 1 point per square - so not as high as I was expecting and the points have all been added for the day. Can't be doing that everyweek though or my results will definately take a nose dive.

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