Thursday, 23 July 2009

What a bizarre few days its been

Where do I start?

Well, I weighed a day early and was over the moon to have lost 1.5lbs making me 17 again, woohoo, thats 20.5lbs in total now.

Then Tuesday, we sailed out on our mini cruise to Amsterdam - thats me and my gorgeous girl, Melissa. We've eaten and walked our way around so I have no idea on points etc but at the moment am certain of a gain, lots of pics on my facebook page if anyone wants a look. Melissa has taken some good ones of me and not so good ones. I like this one it makes me look so slim, made me smile when I saw it.
Then we came home, and Melissa found a baby nestling bird only 2-3 days at the most on the pavement, alive and breathing, couldn't find where it may have come from. So as you do, we took it in, looked up how to feed it etc, and started feeding it and keeping it warm (this was about 11am), it was doing ok, checked on it at 8.30pm and it didn't want any food - rejected it. Melissa checked it at 9pm and it had passed away, I had said to her that this may happen, but she was devastated and so now we have to hold a private buriel for 'rainbow' as she's named it, in our front garden.
Lets hope this next week isn't so bizarre - it shouldn't be, I start my new job on Monday, will up date then on how thats going.

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