Sunday, 17 May 2009

Bloated but hopefully not ruined............

It's been a peaceful weekend, Melissa has been at her dads and is due back very soon, which in a way i'll be pleased about, I always miss her when she's away. So last night I decided I would have a takeaway, I had 24.5 pts left (i'd eaten low and no point foods all day in anticipation). So I had a chicken Kebab with pitta bread and salad, which i pointed as 7, garlic sauce which again i pointed as 7 (as Domino pizza garlic sauce is 3, so I based it on our local pizza shops size from that), I also had some chips 200g for 7.5, this took me up to my 24.5 pts. But I then had a real craving for chocolate and instead of resisting I stole Melissa's chocolate out of the fridge, I felt so guilty and HAVE replaced it, but also guilty for eating it.

I woke up this morning so bloated and feeling heavy, I just hope I haven't blown this weeks WI on Wednesday, I've eaten low point stuff today and am hoping to claw back some points, I'll do as much exercise as I can between now and WI but with a broken toe this can be painful. I've drunk my water today and so far have had at least 1.5 ltrs and I'm still going. Well here's hoping its not all a disaster.

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  1. You should be ok if you make up for your choc hit! You must have been starving by the time your take away came with 24.5 point left in the day!! Good luck with the WI x