Sunday, 10 January 2010

Snowy days.........

Well, up here in Durham in the snowy north east we're entering our 5th week of snow. Fed up with it now, wish it would go, although its meant i've had to walk to the local shop as haven't been able to get the car out to go to the supermarket.

My first WI of the new year and i've lost another 2lbs, things are looking up at last, long may it continue.


  1. Hi
    Well done on your weight loss.

  2. Good loss this week, well done! We are the same weather wise up in Aberdeen, I love the snow but getting tired of it now!! Here's to a good week xx

  3. Well done on your loss. Touch of a thaw here today, so here's hoping it carries on. I've had enough now too.

  4. Well done
    Just as Snowy here in Gateshead but worst out the way now hopefully. Keep it up