Sunday, 6 December 2009

Ok so i haven't posted in a while..............

well in a long while. I'm still here plodding along. Think i hit a bit of a plateau, sts and only losing 1/2 pounds here and there, which then helped with my motivation taking a nose dive. I'm still determined as ever to lose it all though so haven't given in and finally last week lost a whole pound - yay.

I have to admit i have stopped tracking although i'm still counting points in my head - i know i know, bad idea, but i have told myself and am ready to do it, that i'll start tracking again in the new year.

I have re-measure myself and am still losing the cm and plan very soon to have a new picture up of the progress. And possibly one of the works night out where my dress is absolutely stunning (if i do say so myself).
Hopefully i won't leave it as long next time.

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