Saturday, 5 September 2009

Holiday to the lakes and another 0.5lbs

Last weekend, me my mum and gorgeous daugher had a lovely long weekend in the lakes, or lake windermere to be more precise. We had some lovely food and did quite a bit of walking. I was fully expecting to come back and see a gain, but i actually managed to lose 0.5lbs, unbelievable, need to be good this week to make sure it doesn't catch up with me.

We visited the world of beatrix potter, what a fantastic place, models of the characters, check out my facebook page for the photos they're lovely. We went to south lakes wildlife park, where we hand fed a giraffe and penguin, i had a lemur jump on my shoulder (they're left to run free round the park) and went into the enclosure with the vulture, got up close to the emu's, well it was a fantastic day.

We also had a ride on a boat on the lake and went to the aquariam which was fab, saw some unusual fish and not so unusual fish and spent ages watching the ducks dive under water from the underwater tubes.

here's to next week

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