Wednesday, 17 June 2009

WI number 9 :(

Well it had to come at some point and in some respects I was expecting it this week, my first gain. I've gained 2lbs this week. But after a Birthday meal out last week, cake and chocolates not to mention the alcohol and then another lot of food out at the weekend at my friends house it was hardly surprising.

However this week I have re-measured myself, and now in total I have lost 5.5cm off my hips and 9cm off my waist, this in itself is a good feeling so i'm not going to let a little gain spoil things.

I've decided after looking through the list of foods i'm going to try the simply filling - well for the next couple of days and the days after i get back. I don't plan to track while i'm away, hopefully just make the right choices.

The cat is all better, his injections obviously helped, he's walking much better again, so no need to worry about him.

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