Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Weigh day

Well today I weighed, I've lost 1.5 lbs, I'm absolutely over the moon since I had that binge at the weekend, I obviously did something right.

I've been given another sicknote today by the doctor for another 2 weeks. I still can't drive with my toe and only walk short distances before its really painful, hopefully over the next week I can start to drive again. I'm getting really frustrated being at home, and want to go back to the gym, i've got the buzz for exercise and can't go at the moment.

I've been to the chemist and got some clotrimazole, its a little less itchy today, hopefully it'll be healed soon.

Went to Mcdonalds today with a friend, haven't been since before I started WW, thought i'd try and be good and ordered a chicken and bacon deli, well it came covered in mayonnaise, couldn't find it on the tracker, so looked up the NV's on the mcdonalds website - turns out it had 7 points, was soooo not worth it, it was totally tasteless, would rather have had a cheeseburger I think, doubt i'll be going back in a hurry.


  1. Grats on your loss!!

    Glad you got your cream sorted, hopefully it'll be sorted soon. :o)

  2. Thankyou, its starting to ease, hopefully it'll be gone sone x