Monday, 11 May 2009


Bloody bowels! Ok i've got that bit over with. I had a sneaky peak today for my weigh in on Wednesday, not good, i've gained 1 half pounds. I didn't have a great start to the week going over points by 2 or 3 a day (but considering i'd spent nearly 2 days up at the hospital) then Friday i started tracking properly again and stuck ridgedly to my points all weekend. I've managed a few hobbled short walks here and there and am trying to get moving the best i can. I'm (at the moment) putting the weight gain down to the fact i'm constipated, i can't go to the toilet, hense the title bowels. I've taken a movicol last night and am having another right now, hoping in vain to get something moving today, i feel so bloated and sluggish, probably doesn't help the fact i've got PMT and am starting to retain fluid - just wish it would retain in my bowel! Oh well back to the drinking and here's hoping something happens soon.

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